Music by Joel Steudler 

Graphic Assets by Kenney

Made for Kenney Jam 2022 

Controls: Mouse only

ALRIGHT - so basically you need to grow a Truck Pet to sell on the market. Make sure you keep it happy - or else...! Find ways to increase the Truck Pet price in order to greatly profit from your Truck Pet. The main way to increase your Truck Pet value is to make it grow LARGE, and obscene. Careful though... it can be risky...! You wouldn't want anything... bad... to happen...!

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, business, Horror, My First Game Jam, Short, Tycoon, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few minutes


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I'm still laughing


thats a new record, WOW! :O

$45,744 - I win!

My truck got so big it couldn't sleep anymore :(

omg really? :D hahaha, what on earth. how big was it??

can't quite remember, at least 40 tons, it didn't fit on screen and I couldn't get it to sleep :(

Brilliant I love the polish and the gameplay!

thanks so much!

I managed to sell one of my trucks for $29,955. Most either died from a broken heart or obesity though.


I killed one with a heart attack :(